19 May 2011

Feeling better

I think I solved my feelings of lethargy.
Now, on to the next thing. I have finished my writing for next week's supervision. And I have more or less finished the revisions on my Language@Internet article, that probably needs only one more set of revisions before it will be published this summer. This is good news. I also am acquiring recommendations for job applications, one in particular, that I need to finish before the baby comes.

Ah yes, the baby is coming. Tuesday, as I said, we saw the midwife, and we probably only have two more appointments before the baby will come. She's almost here and I'm ready... Well, sort of ready. Not ready to be washing nappies again. Not ready to not sleep. Well, I'm sort of ready to not sleep. I haven't slept well in like five years. What's another five.

Yesterday though, man. I was feeling really weird. I hope it was only the protein. If not, if that happens again, I'm not sure what else to try. Too much going on, too much to think about, too much of everything. I want to get in a canoe, ride somewhere alone. Want to ride my bike in the hills outside of Shibata. Want to drive across the US.

Movement, I want all these things that involve movement. Instead? Instead, we'll have dinner at Ikea tomorrow, I'll clean some more over the weekend. I'll prepare my presentations for the 24th and the 9th. I'll wait for the baby to come.