09 May 2011


Mei is two today. Can you believe it?

Mei began her birthday by getting up at one in the morning, taking all her clothes off and being ready to go, one hundred percent. I got tagged at 3 to take her and she watched Totoro, pee'd on the sofa and ate cereal. I had a very, very early breakfast and when she passed out on the sofa (still naked), I wrapped her in a blanket and fell asleep on the floor.

The sun started coming up at 4:30, so I got up again and worked on the presentation below as I wasn't really feeling like sleeping anyway. Sleep is over-rated: there is too much going on in my life right now to sleep.

Mei slept until eight, when I left, despite her sister harassing her constantly to get up and CELEBRATE. It is, after all, her birthday!

Well, there is cake ('ICHIGO cake!' as Mei keeps saying). Strawberry cake, yes. She is so chatty now. So much to say about so many different things. When I came home from Spain, she was asking me all sorts of questions. It was so strange. What happened while I was gone? Did she grow up on me?

Happy Birthday, Mei! We love you!