12 May 2011

Month 10!

I have been on my health and wellness endeavour for 10 months today.

The dip at the beginning of the month and at the end are both from when I went to conferences, incredibly good signs that my binge eating tendencies when out of my normal circumstances is improving. I have been at a conference this week too at the OU and have been up a bit, but the problem with physicsdiet.com is that the red spike at the end of this chart looks more dramatic, but it's only like 400 grams above the rolling average, and I back down today. They need to add another colour to the charts: blue for maintenance. Life can't only be losing and gaining.
I'm also happy that I only lost about 300 grams over the month, meaning that I am getting closer to homoeostasis. Obviously, I can't keep losing 300 grams every month for the rest of my life, but through to the one year point? I'm happy with this. My BMI is now 21.99, the first time under 22, but more importantly my body fat percentage is at 17.25%. I'm happy to see this continue to come down, maybe even to 15%, but I suspect that will take some exercise, something I've been avoiding as I want to be able to sustain my weight without the added benefit of exercise. I should be able to stay the same weight regardless of whether I'm working out or not. Of course, 'not working out' for me still entails riding my bike to work everyday and standing rather than sitting. These are sustainable practices, at least in the short term. My dad's coming in July and training for a marathon, so I'll do some running with him. That should be fun.

Okay, I have GOT to get some writing done today. GOT to.