06 May 2011

Oh Spain Tour Day 3

Well the conference is going quite well. Lots of old friends and new ones. Good converstions about metaphor and a future for me and my little family. Potentially a very bright one. More on that later. Almagro is nice enough. Very small town Spain. No English. Everything is open for like two hours a day. Tapas and beer. This makes it easy for me to not eat too much though, something I am still very, very conscious of.

My Spanish is awful, but my American accent doing Mexican pronounciation is just a mess. After talking to the owner of the hostal for five minutes, she was openly mocking me: you studied Spanish all this time and this is all you can do?! Yes. But.. I. Speak. I speak. Japan. Japanese. I speak. Japanese?

She looks at me sceptically. What does that have to do with anything.

Yes. Good point.

More later. Be well.