20 May 2011

The Œuvre of Walker Evans

[Self-Portrait in Automated Photobooth]
Laid back on the sofa last night, I was listening to the new Bon Iver record, reading the Archaeology of Knowledge, and thinking about Walker Evans, while my wife, resplendent with pregnancy, tapped away at the computer keyboard and the children slept (as far as I could tell) peacefully upstairs. In a week of lethargy, the system can still suddenly attain a temporary stability--moments of convergence or unity.

Foucault writes,
Indeed, Walker Evans' photography, as I mentioned on Day 6 is all about how you see it, the unity it provides you, or rather, the unity you provide it.

I tend to make this blog about documenting my obsessions (diets, my family, standing desks, visas, Walker Evans). I know this can be taxing if you are not obsessed like me, so thanks, first, for reading. I do hope, however, that all the clarity and unity Walker Evans has afforded me the last month has afforded you some as well. This is by no means the end. A month of Caravaggio is brewing, I think. And anyone else with a deep, good online œuvre to draw on.