05 June 2011

21 Days

Baby coming in 21 days. Midwife came over yesterday to check the house for the home birth: everything checked out. Once we hit tomorrow (37 weeks) then we can have the baby at home. I will head out this afternoon to buy painters plastic: it's what you have to buy. And then we wait. I have my presentation at Lancaster on Thursday which is really the last big, important thing that needs to get done before the birth. If we can make it until then, I will be happy. We'll make it until then, I'm sure. Yoko's mom will come on 17 June and then everything will be in place.

I'm actually doing something more than just giving a presentation in Lancaster, related to all the post-doc drama. I'll have more to say on Friday, I think. I hope. Until then, though, I'll just say that I'm giving a presentation.

Mia will be Mia:  by the way. Each of those characters is a separate link. Check it out.

I have been marking this weekend. Marked a lot, very, very quickly. I was trying avoid doing it on the weekend, but they came on Friday so I didn't really have a choice. I have another couple coming tomorrow, I think, which is good for the coin purse. Being able to do them quickly though, is really great. I'm at about 40-45 minutes from start to finish right now. At 30 mins for some of them. I'm also saving them now based on the number of the essay so that I can go back and see common comments made. I had 4 people answering the same question this time and they all essentially wrote the same essay. So it was very quick work. More money, more problems though, right?

No. Money solves problems.