16 June 2011


Yesterday, a rare occurrence: a flat tyre on my bicycle. I had to walk the bicycle up to the city centre, changed the tube in front of the store and then go back in to pump it up. I thought that I had solved the problem, but in changing it without the proper tools, I had pinched the new tube and broken it as well. Another trip to the cycle shop this morning. I spent £9.98 on tubes and this got me thinking.

Cycling is one of the rare convergences in my life in that it brings together a few important things I really believe and care about: my health, independence from technology, saving money, endurance, and the outdoors. I have been cycling to work exclusively since moving to Bradwell Common two years ago and, since last April, have gone just about 3,400 kms. This is when I changed the battery in my odometer and lost all my old klicks. Still 3,400 kms. How much would that have cost me if I had driven?

Anyway, £9.98 is nothing. I look forward to spending money on the bicycle over the car because you immediately feel the difference. New tube led to filling the tyres with air led to adjusting my breaks led to fixing my panniers finally. All that means I rode faster and harder this morning. Independent! Strong! Kill me now, god, please: I want to be immortalised like this!
.     .     .
The baby, you ask? Still inside of Yoko, unless she has made a very clever getaway. I doubt this. My mobile is on, ready to ring. Best not to ask Yoko how she feels. Mei, it's going to be hard for you when the baby comes. You become second fiddle, sweetheart. Don't worry: daddy'll still hold you.

Yoko's mom comes tomorrow, a welcome sign. I thought of this on Monday: Last weekend was the last weekend we had as the four of us. Yoko's mom will come tomorrow and then the baby and then Yoko's dad and then my parents and then it will be the five of us.

The five of us. Gotta get used to saying that.

And GOTTA get back to my writing.