06 June 2011

Two New rules

  • New rule: I am going to take a picture of the receipt of every major purchase (over £20) I make. Kettle button broke this weekend, still under warranty, no receipt. Being, however, my father's son, I called the company, complained, and they said if I send it up to them in Manchester they'll fix/replace it. Loss of maybe £4, I guess, but better than having to buy a new one. UPDATED: Turns out I DID save the receipt and could return it at the store! Great!
  • New rule: I gotta do something about my tendency to think about everything in terms of structure. Perhaps this is related to marking when I see the structure of an essay and can tell if it is going to be effective or not. Anyway, it's been happening when I watch films: I tend to play at 2x parts of the film in which I know what will happen and at 4x parts that are just montages of things like weddings. I got Up in the Air from Lovefilm for some reason, and watched the whole thing in like a half hour. Okay, this is the conversation where they get interested in each other, here is where they go to the party and character X lets her hair down for the first time. Here's the scene where Clooney's character starts to realise the way he's living his life is not fulfilling. Blah, blah, blah. I cancelled Lovefilm this morning, not sure how to explain the problem to the guy on the other end. 'I think too structurally, I can't enjoy most films any more and I don't have time to search out good independent things to watch.' 'You don't enjoy films, sir?' 'Well, I mean, I don't have the time. That's it, I don't have the time.'