05 July 2011

Visa mess resolved?

The government might do exactly what I hoped they would do as far as the visa laws go. Still only a rumour, no one really knows what's going to actually happen as the government is still sorting things, but if the UKCISA is reporting the following, perhaps having hope and pressing forward with the plan is best. A good portent in a sea of omens. Or a dissipated omen in a sea of good portents: the metaphor isn't quite clear.
What is happening with Tier 1 (Post-Study Work)?
This work route will close in April 2012. We do not yet have the details of what will replace it. However, it looks as if you will need to meet most of the requirements of Tier 2, except for the Resident Labour Market Test, or of a new student entrepreneur route which does not yet exist. This means that a Tier 2 employer will not have to show that the job was advertised and no UK or EEA nationals could do it. However, the job will have to be a graduate level job with a specified minimum wage, and the employer must have a Tier 2 licence.
If the UKBA does decide to waive the Resident Labour Market Test for post-graduate students in the Tier 2 working visa category, then I will be able to work at Lancaster per my original plan, provided we win the bid for funding. Yes, the visa process will be expensive, but not impossible. Even if we don't succeed in our bid, I will be able to look for work for about 6-9 months around my completion period of my PhD.

Now, to do the best work possible until then.