16 August 2011

Circling II

I don't know where my blogging energy has gone. I think it's the fact that the blogger interface is screwed up right now. Not sure why. I'm going to steal from Yoko's blog to make my content today. Need to get back to the beast, but s/he can wait.
Reaching the new stage of my healthy lifestyle has been great. I feel much better at this point. A wonder what 300-600 more kCals will do for you. My body feels much better and my psychology is doing much better too. I think I'm going to be okay. Even in the short time I've been eating more and lifting and stretching, my body has bulked up a little and I feel much more… stable. It's weird. Hard to explain. I have been lifting using this equipment, running intervals, and stretching twice a day, all to build muscle. I wish I had realised this a while ago, but working on the mindset was so important. I needed to not fall back.


Yoko made some GREAT gluten-free pizza after my last blog post. It was like Gino's East, seriously. Luckiest family man ever? Yes. Yes, I am.
The beast is okay. After reworking my research questions, I poked a couple of holes in it, made space to add in what I need to add in. Nothing fundamental changes though: Circling. We'll see what my supervisors say about my revised questions and go from there.

In the meanwhile, I'll be eating protein, reading and writing, and thinking about the future.