24 August 2011

Control and settling

More talk about eating. One day I'm going to look back on all this talk about eating for the last year and appreciate that I kept a record of it. I swear.

I got back from running intervals this morning. I realised that for them to work for me, I need to push my body, and that includes running longer (35 seconds instead of 30) and quickly going again when I get my breath back. After a couple of years of long distance running, my lungs are wicked strong, so this realistically happens quite quickly. Like 90 seconds, I can go from gasping for my life to regular breathing. So today I went hard 8 sets of 35 seconds. My left hamstring has been hurting since the beginning of this, but I have managed to not injure myself by overdoing it, which is really good news so far.

I was coming into work today, however, and thinking to myself, So what, am I going to keep doing the weight-training and intervals indefinitely? I can't keep it up forever. What will I do when I give up?

This has been the problem with my health improvements the last year or so. I have been planning for when I give up, but positioning myself to maintain a healthy lifestyle long term. My misery earlier this year which has led to me trying to put on muscle this month was really the result of the fear that I was going to return to where I was, and every little fluctuation in my weight had me depressed and back to my restricted diet. That happened almost every month until July. I need to stop doing that and start thinking about the long term plan.

So the interval running and weight training will continue, I think, for a month, and then I will go on a schedule where I do it a couple of days a week, but the rest of the time I maintain. Doing the maths of my daily lifestyle (days that I'm at work at least) I need about 2850 kCals, if I'm not doing separate exercise. Basically, I need to make peace with some things:

  • I will weigh between 72 and 75 kgs when I'm healthy. I can be 70kgs, if I want to, but it's not really my build. This probably shouldn't change. Ever.
  • My resting metabolic metabolism at this weight is around 1765 kCals a day. If I'm sedentary, I need about 2120 kCals a day. This is only going to get slower as I get older.
  • I need to eat healthy, but I need to be able to eat pizza every now and again without overeating.
  • If I am eating what I'm using, I'll be content.

So, I'm back again to trying to relax. I also realised that although I have been looking at calories by weight (which is, by all means, a great way to do it, especially if you have a scale with you when you prepare food), volume probably affects the sense of how much you're eating. I looked at some fruit and fibre cereal versus my daughter's gluten-free corn flakes today and realised that the corn flakes, as they are much lighter by comparison, take up much more volume at 30 grams, meaning that you probably eat half as much in the same time. Noted. Cherrios also appear to be about the same, so that's my new snack food I think. I had these fruit filled cereal things. Tasted great, but four of them were equivalent to a cup of cornflakes. No wonder I feel like I haven't eaten anything after I down those…

Anyway. Onward and upward. Relax, man. The world is always ending or continuing on depending on how you look at it. Look at it right, hey?