29 August 2011

So long sweet summer

The summer has led to this inexplicable break from blogging, like suddenly there was nothing to say. I mentioned that autumn was in the air early this year, which was true, but it has sort of hung that way for the last six weeks.

Now, we are having the late August bank holiday, the last thing of the summer in official terms. I don't know why my memory of things is so embodied, or if everyone else is the same, but as I stepped out to the car today, the feeling was coming here for the first time, followed surprisingly by a memory of Fukuoka. Yes, the weather would have been like this in October in Fukuoka. Naomi goes back to school next Wednesday and I... well, usually I would be going to the BAAL conference, but this year I decided to skip out in favour of going to NYC in October. I think it will be better for me, but I miss BAAL. Last year it was in Aberdeen and I had a wonderful time getting away, thinking about things.

I am listening to Burial and thinking of London, where I will hopefully be once a week again in a couple of months. I like the idea of being busy.

No, this long weekend like the rest of the summer has been slow and full of fits and starts. Some time at Ikea. Lots of napping among the girls. I've been to school twice actually to improve my standing desk there based on the desk I have at home now. Basically, I figured out what some of my problems had been, namely not having a deep enough platform to place my keyboard on. I remedied that after walking around Ikea for like 30 minutes yesterday. I landed having spent only £5 and improved everything, I think, but we'll have to see tomorrow. Here it is, if you're interested:

I suppose it's impossible to see the improvements in stability and comfort, but they are there.

Anyway, being a husband and a father of small kids, long weekends are times for catching up. Go to the park. Get everyone out of the house a couple of times. Make dinner. Clean. Work on the things around the house that haven't been done. Go to bed, wake up, and do it all over again.

Naomi woke with a pain in her neck from sleeping in a bad position and has been really hamming up the pain all day. She's just gotta get up and walk around and she'll be fine, but she's been lying in bed acting like the world has ended. She is by far the most sensitive of the girls at this point. Frustratingly so at times. But slowly she is becoming a little girl, someone that I don't recognise any more. I came up the stairs and she was standing there and I saw her as she will be in 15 years. What happened to you: how did you get old so quickly. The only thing I want in this world is for you to love me.

The only thing I want in this world is for you to love me--how paternity changes things...