11 August 2011


Yes, V still stands for vasectomy and yes, I am going to blog about it again.

Well, I haven't blogged about vasectomies, particularly my own vasectomy, in a while, which is a good thing, I think. Not because blogging about it is any problem, but because it has more-or-less slipped my mind. I was joking with my famed older brother about having kids the other day and I was like, 'Oh, wait, wait, I forgot.' And I had forgotten. Just like that.

If you will recall, my main concern about getting vasectomised was chronic pain. I have had no chronic pain. I had pain in the first two weeks or so, and then here and there for about two months, and now I honestly can't remember the last time I had any pain. It's been a while. So that's the best news.

The reason I bring it up now was a phone call that I just had with my surgeon as I had to have my first of two pathology tests last week to see that, indeed, I was sterile. Indeed, I am sterile. I have one more test at the end of the month, but that's that.

At all of Yoko's post-delivery doctor's appointments, they ask about contraception and I have sort of pridefully announced that I had a vasectomy. I don't know why I feel proud about it, like I took one for the team or something. I feel that same way about making dinner or cleaning up around the house. Look at me: I'm a modern man. I'm pulling like 25% of my weight. Other guys don't do anything, at least I do something. It's pretty pathetic, actually: I'm a long way from really taking one for the team.

Anyway, contraception is something I will never have to worry about again. Funny, it's about five years after the first time I ever thought about contraception. I'm happy to have it off the table now. One less thing to worry about. We have three beautiful girls: the future is ours.