18 August 2011

Body and Mind

Yoko's blog is much better than mine, recently. Much better pictures, commentary, etc. Go there for news from the family and pictures. You can get the jist of it without understanding the Japanese, I think.

My life? Well, it's a life of the body and mind right now. First, body: I have been, it seems, putting on good weight, although as I sort of revamp the way I think about things... I still think weighing yourself and taking the body fat percentage everyday is smart, it just would be nice if there was a way to do that without having to see the information except in month averages. That's how I'm trying to treat things now: I get the reading, put it into my log and forget about. I need to focus on what I'm eating, what exercise I'm doing, and how I'm feeling. At the end of the month, I'll evaluate the numbers and see what's up. Also, it seems that taking one's body fat using the bioelectric impedance analysis (i.e., what the scale tells me) might not be exactly 'accurate'. So I'm not sure what to do. Actually, no, I know what to do: watch what I eat, exercise, and stop worrying.

Next, mind. One thing that you find out the further you get in 'education' is how little 'learning' you actually do when you get up to this stage. I mean, you're learning, of course, but very rarely does anyone ever sit you down and say: do this and do it well. You kind of have to figure out both what it is you're supposed to do and how well you're doing it and rather than having someone else judge whether you're doing it well or not, they sort of judge whether or not you're doing a good job of convincing them that you're doing it well. It's complicated. Anyway, this week, I had some real-live 'learning' happen, and it's sort of given me some hope for the future, particularly about the structure of the thesis. So. 13ish months to go.

Mia, not yet two months, is holding her head up and standing in this jumper thing Yoko got for her. She also slept through the night last night. One time, but it was weird. I woke up in the place that I went to sleep. In other good news, Mei's skin is almost entirely cleared up. Sceptical as I was about the wheat allergy, it does seem to have been playing a role. A big one. Take away all the gluten, just leave me my cous cous.