23 September 2011


de Kooning's Pink Angels

I can't seem to be able to sleep at all recently. Go to bed at 10, get up at 1, get up at 4:00-4:30. Repeat. It's related to getting my eating sorted after the diet and heavy exercise. I thought about running today, but I decided against it: the bike riding is enough cardio for me at this point, I think, and I've been doing crunches and push-ups to maintain my muscle mass. Otherwise, I think I am going to try to settle on eating between 2,700 and 2,900 kCals of balanced food a day. This should cover my standing and biking, and allow me to not eat different amounts of food on different days unless my body says so. Trying to get to a normal place, like normal people, who eat different amounts of food on different days and aren't bothered by it.

I also did a financial assessment to see where we are and where we're going to be in a year or so. If we are staying in the UK, we need to think about beginning to save to get a house. If that is the path, I think the best thing of us to do is to get a relatively cheap place to rent and try to save as much as we can over the next five years so that when we can get a mortgage, we can put a significant amount into a house straight away. Of course, if we leave the country, we need to think about saving to move, probably between £7,000-10,000, depending on where we go and how much is covered by my next employer. In the medium term, however, I think renting cheaply and saving is the best route for us.

Could I be thinking about a five year plan for my life? I could. I could. After five years though, we'd have to decide what we want out of life. And we'd definitely have to think seriously about where we want to settle. Obviously a long way to go, but... Worth thinking about.