23 October 2011

American goes to America

Tomorrow, I head out to the US for the week. My itinerary, if I fall off the face of the earth and they have to come looking for me:

Monday: 18:00 flight from LHR to Newark, staying at the Gershwin Hotel on 27th St.
Tuesday: Giving two short presentations at Hofstra University on Long Island
Wednesday: 'Meetings' (coffee, drinks, meals) from 14:00 to late-ish
Thursday: Travel by Amtrak to Berlin, CT and then to Middletown to present at Wesleyan University at 16:15, I think. Stay overnight at a cheap hotel in Middletown
Friday: Early train from Berlin to Penn Station, spend day with Berto, Bus/Train to Philly
Saturday: Philly all Day
Sunday: Philly in the morning, bus/train back to NYC and flight out of NJ at 23:00

So. Donald Glover has wisely said, 'If you aren't scared, you aren't doing anything special.' I hope he's right.