04 October 2011

Marathon Training

Well, I'm not really planning on doing much training for the marathon, but one of the things I would like to do is do some of the running barefoot/in huaraches. Why? Well, first, I'm a sucker for any sort of trend, we can just say that. But actually, the barefoot running I've done so far, I've really liked and had the sense that I need to break into it for it to be really comfortable. Moreover, I like the idea of having a natural gait and not putting excess strain on my joints as running shoes let you get away with more than you should, or so the story goes. Also, I like being barefoot in general, and this fits that aesthetic, outlook.

Anyway, it's what, 5:05AM now--I've been up for like an hour waiting to go out and try the huaraches I made last night from a doormat. They aren't great: I need a better rubber sole, but when I tried them a little last night, I was quite happy. Gonna do just 4 klicks today to see how my legs feel. Little-by-little on these puppies. Ideally, I will train with them 50% of the time, with a focus on the gait, and when I have to put shoes back on (it's going to get cold, apparently), then I can keep up the gait. For what it's worth, they feel great as shoes and I think I will make a nicer pair just to wear around.
This is supposed to be helping keep my mind off of the PhD too, by the way. It's working so far. I sent in my notes on my metaphor analysis yesterday, but before I did that, I got my progress report notes from my supervisor saying that I was on track to make my goal of 1 August submission. If I'm on track with less than 10 months to go, this is a very, very good sign. Obviously, a long way to go, but every day it's a little bit less, right? 302 days.