24 December 2011

2011 Predictions

Here are my predictions for 2011, done with my sister:

Me and the Maths-Literate Younger Sister are making some predictions for 2011 in six categories and then next year, we'll check them, see who was more accurate.

Me: Obama Rebound! Favorability above 55% within the year. (Obama back to 50%, not bad!)
MLYS: Three bills passed changing healthcare reform  (Uh...)

Me: Bieber sex scandal! (Dead on!)
MLYS: Hugh Hefner, dead at 114! (Not yet dead)

Me: So-called 'Ground Zero mosque' compromise. Still in NYC, but not so close to the WTC site. (Not moved but still going forward. Not really a compromise. I suck.)
MLYS: China opens its doors to the world religions! (Um...)

Me: Gay marriage in three more States (NEW YORK!)
MLYS: US birth rate increase (Er...)

Me: Waning interest in 3D films, no interest in 3D TV (YES!)
MLYS: Implanted child tracking chip (NO!)

Wild card!
Me: North Korea collapse! (OH MY GOD, sort of.)
MLYS: Julian Assange off the hook on sex charges, no comment on espionage (NO!)

Round deux, Maths-literate Younger sister?