22 December 2011


Is it late enough in the year to generalise about it?

26 June, I suppose that is the most important day of the year: Mia's birthday. But I have blogged about this.

The rest of the year feels like a haze of avoiding food and feeling uneasy. I'm exhausted. I think I can say that. I'm exhausted. This year has been exhausting: my (our) own fault really. When you decide to live abroad, away from your family, you build into your life the stress of not having any support. But I have blogged about this.

Can I put the highlights of the year together? What I remember? There are things I always want to say here that I can't, I shouldn't, for various reasons. I live my life too publicly, I don't hold enough close to me. I have, of course, already blogged about this.

2011: The year I stopped sitting down and sleeping? Maybe. The year I wrote and wrote and wrote. How about that? The year I gave up my evolutionary purpose.

2011: The healthiest year ever/ the most unhealthy year ever. The year I realised I can weigh whatever the hell I want and I probably shouldn't try to be what I idealise.

2011: I travelled to the US twice, to Spain, Turkey, Germany, Wales... Not bad.

I can't find my new year's resolutions, but one was about weight (which I kept in theory: the resolution hadn't accounted for fat rather than muscle). Something about being a better person towards my wife and kids. I think I did marginally better there.

2012: I will run a marathon, become a doctor and turn 30. That's enough. No more kids. A likely move, potentially International. I assume that I will just write and write and write.

I want an image from this year. Something to describe it all in one flew swoop. It's not coming to me. I will clean up my desk now, pack things up and maybe walk home instead of riding my bike. That sounds about right. My saddleback bag will be here soon.