01 December 2011

Daylight Fading

Only two more weeks of coming to London before the end of the year. Just like that.

The end of the year coming should bring a lot of hand-wringing about my thesis, but I think at least at this point, I'm on schedule. I have to do some revisions to my analysis procedure, but I'm not concerned about it. It feels more like saying the same thing in a different, more precise way. I have to make sure all of my terms come from the literature, that I am following a clear process for my analysis. I think I'm going to be able to get there in time, but writing up will bring on a whole new series of stresses, I imagine.

My teaching this year has been such a treat: I have really enjoyed it. The students are some of the best I have had and the classes have been much more relaxing for me than in the past. Maybe the rest of my life has just gotten more hectic... Anyway, the year is almost done: I'm going to blink and things will be finished.

I woke up this morning at 5, the first time that I have slept through the night in I don't know how long. Probably had something to do with my coffee consumption the night before (none). I was emptying the dishwasher and Mei came downstairs and when I saw her, I had this strange thought, That's your daughter. Yes, I have a daughter. I have three. I hugged her and she went back upstairs--this tiny person with a pixie haircut who is one half me and one half Yoko. My daughter--my daughters. All three of them were in our bed later as I got dressed for work. Small, medium, and large. Daddy look at this; daddy where are you going. Daddy, daddy, daddy. 

Naomi is in a school play that I will attend on Tuesday. I will finish my analysis notes: supervision on the 12th. Marking until then. Last class at Middlesex on the 15th. I am going to shift things around on that day so I can go buy the headphones (provided I finally make a choice, lose my bidding on this Saddleback bag and/or acquire some other expected funds between now and then, and can justify it to myself) and ride the underground to the Tate and sit in the Rothko room for a little while for the first time. A fitting end to the year. I did my best this year, didn't I? I hope that I did.