08 December 2011

Dreaming of a beginning

I was cat-napping on the train on the way in to London today. Not being able to stay awake on the train is driven by my insomnia which is a consequence of bad choices made before going to bed. Like, say, I don't know... Drinking a litre of coffee before going to bed. That would be the main one. Or, upon waking up at 4, 3, or 12:40, eating breakfast and marking essays. No, that doesn't help you sleep. I was complaining that I couldn't sleep to Yoko and she was like, 'Perhaps you shouldn't turn your computer on when you wake up: it's hard to get back to sleep if you do that.'

Yes, I am passively choosing insomnia at this point. Sleep? There's too much going on to sleep. I want to be awake.

So I was cat-napping on the train, and this thought occurred to me: It could all just work out. It's not that crazy actually. All the visa news I've heard is to my favour. The bid at Lancaster could go through. The thesis is on track and being on track with less than a year to go, almost half of a year, is a good sign. We could be in the States for Christmas next year, I thought.

I shouldn't be so surprised.