03 January 2012

Oh, hello desk

It's 3 January and I am back at the OU. It's 2012. 2012!

Best to not start by talking about how little time is left to finish this GD thesis report. Oh, wait! See? If you think of it as a report rather than a thesis, life is much, much easier. It's a weird sense, I have to say. It will all come together, won't it, in a short amount of time? Yes. Yes, it will.

I also buckled and decided, okay, I have to train for this marathon. Sorry. It's going to have to happen. So I pulled out a plan and made a google calender with all the runs on it, and shuffled them around a little bit to make January work, at least. It's an 18 week plan and I guess I am 2 weeks in at this point. I basically have to get running more often than I am now. It should be easy enough. I just have to go out and do it. In an effort to future restart my body after the Christmas holiday (which though filled with sloth and eating, avoided some of the worst foods, by and large), I am fasting today to restart my metabolism and get back on track. It's a good, albeit hard task: when you spend all your time sitting around eating for ten days, your body expects that this is normal. No, body. Sorry, I've misled you. Fasting is something I've always wanted to be good at: able to do. I'm going to shoot for four times in January to see if I can normalise it.

Yoko's birthday plans are coming together. We're going to go to the Cotswolds which should be good fun. Dinner at a nice restaurant, nice four star hotel, travels around seeing oldish things here and there.

I did complete some of my smaller tasks: getting some comments to students. Posting something online. The document that I am working on is open in another window. I just have to look at it.

Yoko put up some pictures on her blog, so I will steal: