03 February 2012

I got nothing done today

I say that all the time: I got nothing done today. I realised I need to preface that: I feel like I got nothing done today. What did I do today?
05:45: Woke up, made breakfast, checked some e-mails, Internet stuff.
06:30: Marked two essays.
07:45: Kids wake up, Yoko gets them breakfast, I get Mia ready to leave.
08:20: Drive Yoko to the hospital for her eye exam, almost get re-ended by some asshole.
08:40: Take Naomi to school (wife a hero for doing this with three kids every day).
09:00: Get home, get Mei some food, help her go to the bathroom like three times, start to mark an essay.
10:30: Pick up Yoko at the hospital (not going blind).
10:45: Arrive home, pack up, ride bike to work.
11:30: After shower, finish marking essay, have lunch, mark another essay.
13:45: Have virtual writer's retreat, do some research, no one shows to retreat, decide to drop it.
14:30: Go to library to find book. Find book, not what I wanted, but read for a bit about some stuff I should know, but don't.
15:30: Back to desk, mark essay.
16:10: Shit! I've got nothing done today, should blog.
So when I say to you, I got nothing done today what I mean is, I didn't finish my thesis today. And so it goes.

I looked in the mirror today and was like, in eight months, all things in common, I will be a doctor. All things in common. That said, I'm beginning to think that dragging my feet might be to my advantage. I have leave to remain in the country until 2014 and I can technically be a student for another year without any problem. I've got good offers for good part-time work in the country. Enough to stay more afloat that I am now, actually. So I might finish my thesis and just sit on it--stay a student keep looking for real work while working part time. If I'm still a student, I can get a student rail card, avoid paying taxes... I won't have my studentship, but if I can work 10 or 20 hours a week teaching? I might be able to bide some time and maybe have another six months to get a job in this country. We'll see. Options--it's good to have options.