11 February 2012

See through

So you notice how you can see through the cartoon I posted above without a white background? An easy task, in theory, took me like an hour and half to get it to work. Typical: working on the wrong solution. The right solution was much simpler. Updating www.stephenpihlaja.com this time has taught me A LOT about html though.

I ran this morning from just before five to just before seven. 1:55:41. It was so cold, foggy, and icy. It's -3 (C) now, so is suspect it was even colder when the sun wasn't out. The water in my bottle froze, but it didn't matter because when it's that cold, you don't really sweat a lot. You have ice build up on your cheeks. I didn't dress properly, although I didn't wear my Vibrams, which was pretty damn wise in retrospect... Not hat (hood only), crappy thin gloves. Ugh. I thought I might get frostbite at one point. Well. A good enough time and end of my running for Week 7. I went 14 miles and left some on the course (I was running my fastest at the very end and thought I might have kept going if, you know, I wasn't about to freeze to death). My body is dumping fat like a mofo. I've lost 4 kgs. and 3% body fat in the last month, meaning that all or most of that weight was fat. Doesn't really matter, but the runner's body is starting to peak through again. Gaunt and efficient. The best part about long distance running is that you never have to run faster. You just have to keep going. Just keep going.

14 miles before the sun came up. I'm a different person than I was.