07 February 2012

You don't know what you want

This was the picture, the moment, I was trying to find/ remember yesterday:
It's impossible to make out Mei in this picture, but she's there too. We are leaving Niigata City behind: everything is in boxes and we got it all done, everything we needed done in time. What lies ahead? We don't know. The UK, a PhD, a new life.

I'm driving my wife crazy by talking about possibilities. I have to stop. This or how about this or how about this. There is pressure from every side to accomplish so many things. Please, let it all come together in time. Please, no one be angry with me--I'm doing my best.

Unfortunately making decisions about one's future requires knowing what future one wants. What future do you want, Stephen? One of them? All of them?

UPDATE: Wait, wait, wait. I know what it is I want. Silly me. Now, to go out and do it.