12 March 2012


I received the forms from the secretary in my department for my submission of my thesis. I have been saying that I will submit on August first. I have said it on official enough documents that both I and my supervisors have signed that now, the wheels begin to roll and I... submit. On August first. Am I still far away from the ending. Yes—yes, I am. But not that far. The sentences that come out now are much crisper and thesis ready. The analysis is streamlined. I just need to keep on pressing forward, paragraph by paragraph. I am well through my first (and key) analysis chapter. I have two thousand words (good words) in each of the other two analysis chapters. The methods section is done subject to supervisors' comments. Data description chapter too. The Literature Review needs to be about 2,000 words shorter, but with a different orientation. The first chapter is more-or-less done. The final chapter is also drafted. So, August first. Go. Go now.