06 April 2012

Good/bad Friday

I am at work despite it being a national holiday. This national holiday is religious, but no one here seems to get that. People ask, Are you doing anything for Easter? and I don't know how to respond. No? Why would I?

Why would I. I have a thesis to write. So here I am at work. I had a productive week so far and two things to do on the thesis now. Just have to, you know, do them. I marked two essays for Birmingham too. That's something.

The girls are coming in three hours: we're going to have a picnic.

I haven't been blogging because I've been tired and feeling like a bit of a failure. I was hoping to drop weight for the marathon, but since I was sick, I completely lost control of my eating. This is such a depressing thing for me. I hate not having control of my eating. I feel so weak.

The running is okay though. I think, despite my fat ass, I should be able to get to my goal. We'll see though.

Okay. Billig on categorisation. Go.