04 July 2012

Pre-interview stress dream

I have a job interview for a teaching fellowship at a very good Russell Group university with a very good English department on Monday, and I must give a presentation including a model class. Although I can put on my best confidence man trousers when I need to (and I will, I'm sure, for the actual interview), I'm a bit anxious, and now I've been dreaming about it, but the dreams have had a very odd sequence of events. Last night's:
  1. I am teaching the model class, but it's actually a real class at Middlesex, with real students and none of the interview committee is there.
  2. What, why am I in my underwear? Oh god, I forgot to get dressed. Luckily, no one seems to notice.
  3. Now, I just have to get my presentation to work, but the computer isn't working.
  4. Wait, why is my boss from Middlesex here? And those cameras? They're taping this?
  5. The computer still isn't working, I've been trying to get it to work for almost 20 minutes now. Screw it, I'll just teach the lesson.
  6. Oh wait, the committee IS here, and they're playing the roles of unruly kids in a class, just like that one time in Japan when I was training to teach kids for the first time and I didn't know what to do.
  7. Everyone's talking, I can't get them to stop--maybe I'll shout.
  8. God, now everyone thinks I've lost my cool: they're glaring at me, I blew it.
  9. Wait, now, I'm trying to run in the rain and I can't move forward? Where did everyone go? Why am I still in my underwear? Why do I keep slipping on the pavement? Why can't I get any traction? 
  10. Mia's crying: why is she out here in the rain...
Monday, please come quickly: