15 January 2013

Time in the wilderness

Sorry for neglecting this. I am supposed to be marking, but the site I need to access to mark is hanging right now and I have a meeting here in the real world in a couple of minutes.

What can I say: we are in the wilderness for a while. Sunday I went one whole day without being able to check my e-mail. Imagine that. The Internet will come on Friday. I will be done marking in a week I hope. And then I can be fully, completely committed to my work, here in the real world, in Malaysia.

The cliff notes version: we moved in on Saturday, but don't have much of what we need. We need a car because we can't get anywhere, but at least the water is running again. The water had stopped running in a monsoon downpour that I was caught in, small umbrella against the tidal wave of hell.

We have no money, but spirits are high, at least for now. So many things to do. So many things to say. I will update when the Internet comes, I promise. Sooner rather than later.