19 August 2014

An imperceptible

The autumn continues to creep in as it does in England — a process that progresses almost imperceptibly from the last week of July clear through to October. In Malaysia, when September came, a sort of depression hit me as I realised it wasn't going to get cooler and the summer that had stretched on and on from January would continue on, with nothing ever changing. 

This morning I woke up earlier than I wanted to, the house quiet and Mia sleeping next to me. Yoko had come and gone in the night. I weighed myself and had two pieces of toast, a banana and a bit of cereal. Some time in the last three weeks, my mania for eating has subsided and I'm back to something normal, something before last year. I had a cup of coffee and the girls began to wake up: Mia came downstairs calling for mummy and looking first in the laundry closet and then seeing me sitting on the sofa. Naomi promised to fold the laundry and put it away if I gave her some money: they are saving change to go to Disneyland now and I kissed everyone goodbye before running to the gym.